• Shaping Tomorrow’s Professionals

    The rules of the game are starting to change. Young professionals entering the workforce today face more competition, more demands and less certainty than ever before. Find out how Practice Ready can be your partner in helping you prepare for the modern workforce.

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  • Learn From Industry Professionals

    Progress and success mean different things to different people. Our courses take a holistic and integrated approach to the challenges of professional practice and are delivered by industry professionals.

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  • PR Community

    We are devoted to creating a community of professionals that is focused on establishing relationships and networks, sharing of insights, collaboration and continual learning. Find out what it means to join the Practice Ready Community

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    We provide tailored one-on-one sessions to help you with your career challenges, giving you the tools you need to navigate and succeed in the modern workforce. Find out how Practice Ready can help you in your up-skilling journey.

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What is Practice Ready ?

The skill set required for professionals to succeed and grow in the modern workplace is changing. Practice Ready is an up-skilling institution focused on delivering a holistic and integrated approach to preparing young professionals for the modern workplace. Our mission is to assist young professionals and students not only with landing their desired job but also how to succeed in their careers. We have identified the key skills which are needed in today's workforce in order to be successful - these skills largely being a range of soft skills, client skills, career skills, technical skills and business skills. Practice Ready serves to supplement existing formal education across all sectors by focusing on the skills which are necessary in order to be successful in today's workforce.

Find out more about our approach and vision to addressing the skills gap, as well as our mission to help shape tomorrow’s professionals.


Latest Updates

We offer videos and articles on a broad range of relevant issues on how to succeed and grow in your career.

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Start Learning and Evolving

Self Mastery

Mastery in any field starts with the mastery of the self. Become practice ready by learning the necessary skills for you to unlock your full potential.

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Clients, Colleagues & Collaboration

Our abilities to create, maintain and manage effective relationships are becoming increasingly important and valued in the modern workplace. Learn how to better communicate and collaborate.

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Proficiency in generating and conducting business starts with the right mindset. Build your business potential and drive within your community.

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Startup Launchpad

Start-ups significantly contribute to innovation in the new and changing economy. Learn the skills and strategies to successfully launch, manage and protect your start-up.

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Career Accelerator

Become effective in applying the right strategies and techniques to help you achieve your professional goals.

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Technical Skills

Long viewed as the basic requirement for professional success, adopting the right skills can enhance your career. See how we can help you gain a competitive advantage.

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